St. Joseph's Garden

Saint Joseph's Garden

The church has traditionally been the natural repository and final resting place
of the faithful departed. Today, churches throughout the western world are
finding that columbaria contribute to a feeling of church family as the
congregation - past and present - is together in body and spirit. Thus,
interment within the precincts of the church has come to symbolize our
continuing membership in the body of Christ and the community of faith. St.
Joseph's Garden provides parishioners at St. Luke's Church with a rare
opportunity to reclaim that churchyard burial tradition.

A niche in the church columbarium is modest in cost, liturgically satisfying and
ecologically sound. The quiet dignity of the garden invites solitary
contemplation and meditation. It also becomes a meaningful gathering place
for families and friends to assemble while creating an ever-present and
consoling link between life and death.